Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless steel metal cards have been gaining popularity as of late. Steel is a symbol of reliability, strength, and stability. Have you noticed banks offering metal credit cards for certain clients? American Express, for example. Steel cards are luxurious and only available for a small crowd but there are more reasons why banks offer metal cards as the luxurious option, other than them looking great, of course. Metal cards are unique and they are not reserved to just credit cards.

Despite the digital age, business cards are still an indispensable way to share contact information at various events and meetings. Steel business cards can be a great way how to impress a client or a future business partner. Steel is still not widely used among people for business cards, which can create a long-lasting impression that is so crucial in business relationships. In our day-to-day lives, we meet many people and you want your business to be the one people contact.



Stainless Steel Business CardsWHY CHOOSE STEEL BUSINESS CARDs?

  • Memorable first impression
    Just like with credit cards, steel business cards are a status symbol. Business cards will be something your business partner will hold on to and you can be sure that a metal card will stand out between 30 paper business cards. It creates a trustworthy image.
  • Unique design options
    Unique business cards are not only reserved to creative fields. Yes, you can do laser cutouts on paper cards but these cards bend easily which makes it quite difficult for the design to stand out. Metal on the other hand is durable, and if you want some intricate cutouts, it is a better choice to go for steel business cards.
  • Durability
    Even if you want a simple and minimal looking business card, durability is a big factor why people decide to go for steel business cards. Steel looks and feels expensive and won't get thrown away. The goal of business cards is achieved easier when your business partners saves your business cards.
  • Longevity
    Paper cards can get dirty and crease easily. Stainless steel ensures that the business card can be used for many years without any worries. These business cards offer premium quality compared to other materials.

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Black base steel business card

2 color both side printing. Frosted card base. UV printing. 3mm thickness.

Steel business cards

gold base steel business card

1 color both side printing. Frosted card base. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Gold Steel business cards

Bronze base steel business card

Engraving. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Bronze Steel business cards

Silver base steel business card

1 color printing. Laser cutting. 3mm thickness.

Silver Steel business cards


  • QR Codes: You can add your website or LinkedIn profile to your business card to make sure your contacts are saved. QR Codes are supported by both iPhone and Android phones.
  • Design laser cutouts
  • Various letter formatting with different types of reliefs and engraving
  • Silver, golden, black, or bronze base metal cards
  • UV varnished details
  • NFC steel cards

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FDS Cards offers Stainless steel metal cards with original designs custom-made by our designers, which are created according to customer's wishes.



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