Restaurants and Cafes

Restaurant and Cafe Customer Feedback System - it is a new tool to increase sales and service management. This tool will help to receive and exchange important information at times. And where, if not in the restaurant, it's especially needed!

Restaurants and Cafes Customer Feedback System can be used: Fine Dining Restaurants, Quick Service Restaurants, Delivery Restaurants, Cafeterias, Casual Dining Restaurants, Takeaway Joints, Pubs & Bars, Catering Services.

Why you need a Restaurant and cafe Customer Feedback system?

digitalais viesnicu terminalsRestaurant and Cafe Customer Feedback System will help you easily contact with customers, understand their experience and opinion about food, service, ambience and staff in real-time:

  • Get real-time customer feedback
  • Resolve customer issues faster
  • Improve customer satisfaction and increase loyalty
  • Improve speed and quality of service
  • Track employee performance
  • Manage and compare locations
  • No need in special equipment or complex integrations
  • All getting started settings, editing, updates take place without the need for programming

What would you say if we would claim that without any additional programming and additional charge, you are able to create collaborative offers with any other restaurant or cafe!?

What would you say if we would claim that you can accept ANY NFC tag out there to identify your customers?

Real-time Restaurant and cafe Customer Feedback Reporting

The easiest and efficient way to collect and analyze customer feedback for continues monitoring of customer satisfaction. Customer Feedback Survey allows customers to give instant feedback easily by touching the screen of the terminal. Feedback system terminal provides the possibility for enterprises to collect the most valuable and qualitative feedback – at the point of service and at the moment of service experience.

It also allows you to compile a large number of reports using data from the electronic menu:

  • Customer Experience
  • Staff Analysis
  • Comparative Reports
  • An email Digests


feedback terminal

Set up and run the solution in minutes due to the could-based platform. With Feedback control system - monitor and analyze feedback in real-time.

An application programming interface (API) available for feedback integration with other systems used in the enterprise:

  • Set up real-time Email and SMS Feedback Alerts
  • Get instant Email and SMS for new feedback in restaurants
  • Schedule daily, weekly and monthly digests
  • iOS & Android Apps


cloud basedGet answers to any question your business needs. With Customer Feedback Survey create a positive impression by using a branded custom design. Remote centralized management of feedback system terminals allows changing screen content in seconds. Use additional questions based on the answers of the previous ones.

Additionally, deliver to customers marketing information using images or even videos:

  • Choose from expert Restaurant Feedback Templates
  • Choose from 30+ questions
  • Customize survey look and feel - font, colours, background
  • White-label your survey
  • Add multiple languages
  • Measure CSAT, NPS and CES
  • Add Logic tou your survey

Deliver your message to the right people at the right time using our digital signage feature!

Communicate with customers by using interactive Restaurant and Cafe Customer Feedback Survey system and they will appreciate your dedication to continuously improve service quality!




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