Modern Business Cards

Modern business cards are a big deal!

In this digital age, the old-fashioned business card is still as necessary as it ever was.

Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards? The latter of course!

A physical business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable--if done right.

With the right colors, you can attract attention and make a statement, use a soft or rough texture to make an impact or experiment with shape to create a unique design that will leave an impression.

Making your business card pop out of the 25 others in your potential client’s cardholder takes a bit of creative thinking on your part. In a blink of an eye, they should know who you are, and remember who you are.



Get inspired by examples!


Modern Business Cards

1. Switch Materials 

Change the texture and feel of your card with the kind of material you choose. Go for wood for a crafty feel, or choose acrylic, leather, felt, suede, metal or anything that feels nice to the touch. These modern business cards often make you memorable visually, but add an extra sensory experience with your card.






Modern Business Cards

2. Rounded Corners 

Cut corners on your card but not on your design. Rounded corners help frame your card differently from others. Instead of a hard corner leading the eyes elsewhere, they’re more likely to keep their gaze centered on the information you’re presenting.









Modern Business Cards

3. Be Transparent About Your Brand (Literally)

Send a crystal clear message with a crystal clear card. A sleek and clean transparent card showcases a minimalist style that doesn’t have to be boring. For an added pop, add some creative typography to make it a truly one of a kind modern business card. 






Modern Business Cards

4. Have a Well-rounded Brand

Why stick to rectangles when you could do so much better? Round business cards can have a clean and professional design, but sport a unique shape that just makes this little rebel extra memorable. Bonus points if the front face shows a graphic of what your business does. Use the round shape to your advantage, as it frames a graphic in a unique way that corners can never give you.






Modern Business Cards

5. Keep it Social With a QR Code 

Say hello on every platform possible. QR codes, like barcodes, keep information densely compact in a single piece of graphic. A scanner can read and unscramble that information. With a QR code on your card, you can help your client reach you on any platform. Why write down multiple websites and social media accounts on your card when you can lead them straight to it with a touch of a smartphone?










Modern Business Cards

6. Go Mobile

People sometimes forego business cards because they can keep phone numbers on their phones. But phone numbers on a list just get drowned out with the rest. Hand out cards that look like mobile phones instead, and show them how beautiful your contact details would look if they saved them on their phones, right now. Let them know that you’re keeping up with the times with this fun and tech-savvy design.







Modern Business Cards

7. Be Iconic 

Keep your business logo front and center on your card for a clean design that’s easily memorable. Instead of cluttering your card with unnecessary design, focusing on a single icon or symbol that represents your brand makes your business easy to recall.






Modern Business Cards

8. Add a Splash of Color

Ditch the cream cards and boring text and opt for something more exciting. Making your card colorful doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice a clean look. Use a sleek font face for a clean design and make the entire back a single color.






Modern Business Cards

9. ...or a Hint of Neon

Cards can’t shout out your name, so let the color do it for you. A bright neon color can give off an energetic vibe, showing that you and your business are enthusiastic about the job you do. It can be paired with a clean design and geometric patterns for a sleek, professional feel.






Modern Business Cards

10. Sprinkle a Touch of Texture 

Ideas don’t always have to be represented visually. A card, after all, isn’t something you see on a screen, but something you get to hold. A simple design matched with interesting textured material can already convey ideas on its own. A clean design on a card that looks like granite or a diamond tufted sheet gives a feeling of luxury. You can also match up two textures, by printing gloss on a matte finish.






Modern Business Cards

11. BIG text for a BIG impression

Another big trend this year for business cards, comes in the form of designs placing large text front-and-center. In these designs, the text is the design. Not to be confused with wordmark logos, these include text stretched across the entire card, leaving little room for white space and wishing any potential imagery a firm “thanks, but no”. The lasting effect is one of text-heavy simplicity that gets straight to the point.









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