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Modern Business Cards

Modern business cards are a big deal!

In this digital age, the old-fashioned business card is still as necessary as it ever was.

Think of the last time you met with a potential client or business partner. Was it easier to take the time to input phone numbers and emails into your phone? Or simply exchange business cards? The latter of course!

A physical business card not only allows you to make a personal connection when you meet someone for the first time, it also makes your brand more memorable--if done right.

With the right colors, you can attract attention and make a statement, use a soft or rough texture to make an impact or experiment with shape to create a unique design that will leave an impression.

Making your business card pop out of the 25 others in your potential client’s cardholder takes a bit of creative thinking on your part. In a blink of an eye, they should know who you are, and remember who you are.




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Best Business Cards

Every professional deserves to be the best, so every professional should have the best business card!

Accidental contact with a potential customer or partner on the sidewalk can create endless profit opportunities, so it is especially important to leave an outstanding impression that will ensure a stable relationship in the future. 

In case of a new contact, the business card is the first impression of you and the company you represent. If the business card you provide is thoughtful, relevant, and attractive, then this positive impression will become lasting in the other person's memory. The business card will not only fulfill its practical functions but will also reflect the individuality, image, and brand value of your company. A great business card is an essential addition to any marketing strategy.

Despite today's globally digitized world, a business card is still the best way to communicate face to face with new channels of opportunity. Through the best business card, this relationship will develop quickly.  



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creative business cardsGreat impressions start with creative business cards.

We believe it's important to make a great first impression to continue an excellent relationship, so our mission is to create business cards that you are proud of. Our advanced equipment allows us to quickly and efficiently print high-quality and creative access business cards.

Social media, e-mail marketing, direct sales. Is that enough? On the surface, it may seem that these options can fully ensure the healthy functioning of the company, but this is not true.


Let the business card speak after you!

Stainless Steel Business Cards

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Stainless Steel Business Cards

Stainless steel metal cards have been gaining popularity as of late. Steel is a symbol of reliability, strength, and stability. Have you noticed banks offering metal credit cards for certain clients? American Express, for example. Steel cards are luxurious and only available for a small crowd but there are more reasons why banks offer metal cards as the luxurious option, other than them looking great, of course. Metal cards are unique and they are not reserved to just credit cards.

Despite the digital age, business cards are still an indispensable way to share contact information at various events and meetings. Steel business cards can be a great way how to impress a client or a future business partner. Steel is still not widely used among people for business cards, which can create a long-lasting impression that is so crucial in business relationships. In our day-to-day lives, we meet many people and you want your business to be the one people contact.

Metal Membership Cards

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Metal Membership Cards


Most companies, both large and small, have at some point in their life considered introducing a loyalty program. Once you have reached a certain number of returning customers, it is important to maintain their loyalty, encourage them to stay, and maintain their trust in your brand.

Advantages of the loyalty program and metal membership cards:

  • Increase customer loyalty;
  • It is easier for employees to identify the top customers / top buyers;
  • The company is building its reputation by promoting its brand;
  • Facilitate administration;
  • Increased security;
  • It helps in promoting services and goods.

Standard vs Luxury business cards

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Luxury business cards

A professional business card makes you look more professional. A luxury business card, in turn, boosts this effect. It’s all about creating a good first and lasting impression.

There are many differences between standard and luxury business cards. These days it's hard to impress other people with thick cardboard or laminated business cards. Every CEO is well aware that the right business card in his hands is an effective and efficient "weapon" to attract customers. And this, in turn, means only one thing - the more non-standard, stylish, effective, and memorable your business card will be, the more new customers you can get.

Today so much communication happens digitally and some types of printed marketing materials are not as necessary but business cards will always remain a necessary part of any business deal. If you want to make an impression of carrying a business card, it better to be one that is finely crafted enough to show your care and attention to details for your business.


FDS Cards in the LATOKEN VI Blockchain Economic Forum (London)

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Latoken blockchain economic forum

350+ representatives of VC funds, startups and blockchain experts gathered during VI LATOKEN Blockchain Economic Forum. Among the broadly discussed topics were Libra, the governance & monetary policy for digital currencies, the blockchain use-cases and upcoming LATOKEN’s token sale of USPX, an economic interest in SpaceX.

Libra And State-Owned Digital Currencies

The future of global digital currencies and specifically Libra has attracted a great deal of interest during the forum. “Libra let Pandora out of the box. China and other countries will make their own digital currencies and it is an inevitability that we all soon will work with native digital currency”, expressed Matthew during his keynote.

About NFC contactless technology

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NFC contactless technologyEverything You Need to Know About Near Field Communication (NFC)

NFC (near field communication) is the technology that allows two devices - like your card or phone and a payments terminal - to talk to each other when they’re close together. NFC is the technology that enables contactless payments.

You’ll need to get a new NFC-enabled payments reader that can accept contactless payments. The Square contactless and chip reader accepts both NFC and EMV payments.

NFC payments are dynamically encrypted, making them one of the most secure ways to pay.



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